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Ph.D. Université Paris-Saclay

My Ph.D. advisor was Professor Louis Goubin. After positions at Instituto Milenio Fundamentos de los Datos and ProtonMail, I currently work at Fortanix.

  • Rust-Ring-Learning With Errors
  • Arithmetic in negacyclic rings
  • PGP with secrets in the cloud ,
  • OpenPGP Email Forwarding via Diverted Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman Key Exchanges
  • CKKS, a homomorphic encryption scheme for approximate arithmetic
  • Proton is secure against batch GCD attacks
  • Cryptocurrency Mining Games with Economic Discount and Decreasing Rewards
  • C++ Implementation of Bernstein's Batch GCD algorithm
  • Excalibur Key-Generation Protocols For DAG Hierarchic Decryption ,
  • C++ Implementation of the BGV homomorphic encryption scheme ,
  • Blending FHE-NTRU keys – The Excalibur Property:
  • ASCrypto LatinCrypt 19 - Introductory talk about Homomorphic Encryption:
  • The Gelfand Problem In Tubular Domains
  • The E8 lattice (student work, based on Serre's cours d'arithméthique, french)
  • Some solutions to problems in the problems section of mathematics magazines:

Conservatoire de Versailles

I am lucky to have been trained by Francisco Gouët (Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile), Philippe Cuper (Opéra de Paris), Mikhail Mering (Bolshoi Theatre), and the great Luis Rossi.

  • Mozart - Clarinet Quintet, first movement (with Amadeus ensemble)
  • Francis Poulenc - Clarinet sonata, Allegro con Fuoco (Armelle Mathis, piano)
  • Edison Denisov - Clarinet sonata (first movement, Paris, 2017)
  • Carl Nielsen - Clarinet concerto Op. 57 (Camilo Gouët, piano)
  • Francis Poulenc - Clarinet sonata, Romanza (Armelle Mathis, piano)
  • Igor Stravinsky - Three pieces for clarinet solo
  • Aron Copland - Clarinet concerto (excerpts, with Orchestre Tour-à-Tour, Paris 2017)
  • Jean-Baptiste Robin - Labyrinthe Circulaire for 9 clarinets
  • Guillaume Connesson - Disco Toccata (with Pablo Schinke, cello)

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The pianist in the picture is my friend Camilo Gouët.